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Burkhard Heim - Kilgore Trout - 18.02.2008

Burkhard Heim byl fizykiem. Podczas drugiej wojny swiatowej w wypadku z materialem wybuchowym utracil rece oraz czesciowo wzrok i sluch. W ramach rehabilitacji zajal sie studiowaniem Einsteina i wyksztalcil u siebie niezwykla pamiec akustyczna. Pracowal glownie w samotnosci, niechetnie dzielil sie wynikami swojej pracy i w ogole byl dziwny.

A tu zasadniczy artykul, nie jest dlugi wiec mozna przeczytac spokojnie:

In 1957, German theoretical physicist Burkhard Heim publicly outlined a new idea for spacecraft propulsion. It was based on his new theory of physics which successfully described Einstein's theory of Relativity within the framework of Quantum Mechanics (...)
Heim's ideas described a "hyperdrive" which would locally modify the constants of nature in such a way that a vehicle would be allowed to travel at immense speeds, possibly faster than the speed of light. Such a propulsion system could theoretically reach Mars in under five hours, and neighboring stars within a few months. (...)

Heim's attempt to heal this divide added four "sub-space" dimensions to Einstein's four, making a total of eight. Later he decided that two of the dimensions were unnecessary, and removed them from the theory. His two sub-space dimensions coupled the forces of electromagnetism and gravity, which meant that theoretically, electromagnetic energy could be converted into gravity. This is the principle that his hyperdrive idea was based upon. The theory was so compelling and the math worked out so well that after Heim announced it, Wernher von Braun– the man leading the Saturn 5 rocket program– contacted Heim and asked him whether the Saturn 5 was a waste of money. (...)

In the 1980s Heim began to work with a theorist named Walter Dröscher who restored the two dimension which Heim had originally discarded from his theory. The result was the theory of "Heim-Dröscher space," which was a mathematical description of an eight-dimensional universe. It describes gravity, anti-gravity (dark energy), electromagnetism, and quantum forces. It also describes the force which would allow hyperdrive to become a reality.

A small group of physicists is now trying to bring it to the attention of the scientific community, by publishing and copy-editing Heim's work, and by checking and expanding the relevant calculations. Recently, a series of presentations of Heim theory was made by Häuser, Dröscher and von Ludwiger.